Business Summer School in Sibiu, Romania

The fourth edition of Business Summer School will take place on 15-28 August 2010. in Sibiu, Romania. The Business Summer School (BSS) is an academic program for learning in an international context, and a forum for developing intercultural understanding. During two weeks of stay in Sibiu, the European Capital of Culture in 2007, both Romanian and foreign students will participate in debates, workshops and seminars. The academic and the practical approaches are combined in order to fully cover the learning span of the subject. Moreover, the Business Summer School is using the case study teaching method developed by Harvard Business School.

The theme of the Business Summer School is: “Emerging Markets After Crisis”. Romania is now one of the fastest growing markets in Europe and its accession to the European Union opened up a host for new trade and investment opportunities for both Romanian and EU companies. We at Business Summer School are looking forward to offering you again a platform for discussions and networking with outstanding students, academics and business professionals.

The cost of the program is 350 Euros, which includes accommodation and meals, welcoming package with study materials and most of the sightseeing activities. The participants will have to pay their travel costs to Sibiu, visa and travel insurance.

More details about academics and program dates, application to the program, tuition fee, courses, activities, and more is available on the website:

If you don’t find the information you are looking for, please feel free to contact us at

You can apply to the BSS online. The application deadline is July, 15 2010. Admission decisions are made on a rolling basis and students are advised to apply as early as possible. 

NATO International School in Azerbaijan

NATO International School of Azerbaijan is pleased to announce call for applications for its upcoming summer session of “Financial Security”. The NISA Summer Session will be held on 4-11 July, 2010 in Baku, Azerbaijan. Participants will be accommodated in the hotel where the Session will take place. Participants will have an opportunity of tour programs in Baku and surroundings. All successful participants will be awarded with a certificate.

Eligible participants: young politicians, researchers, NGO, government or mass media representatives and academicians working on security and related issues. Participants should be fluent in English, under the age of 35 and nationals of NATO member states, Partnership for Peace countries, Mediterranean Dialogue and Istanbul Cooperation Initiative countries.

Financial procedures

NISA will provide scholarships to cover the expenses related to the local transportation, accommodation, meals as well as the social program during the event dates. Limited funds are also available to provide reimbursement of the travel expenses up to 60% of some qualified participants (provided that it does not exceed 300 USD for Eastern European, 400 USD for the Western European participants and 500 USD for the participants coming from the US and other parts of the world). Reimbursement will be made as a bank transfer after the end of the session. Therefore all selected participants should send their bank account details before traveling to Azerbaijan. If you are successfully selected then NISA will provide you with the needed official reimbursement document where all the needed information is listed.

There is no participation fee. Financial assistance requests for travel expenses will be considered individually. The request for the most economic travel expenses subsidization should be sent to NISA before the deadline by indicating the details of transportation reservation and price.

Application procedures

Application must include the application form, detailed CV and 1 page long paper on “Financial Security” and related topic.  The paper must reflect applicant’s own writing and original thinking and be sent to the following e-mail address: with the subject line NAME SURNAME/ COUNTRY/ NISA WS, as appropriate.

The deadline for the application submission is June 3, 2010. Only short listed local candidates and selected foreign participants will be notified by e-mail. For more information regarding the selection information please visit

5th Economic Forum of Young Leaders 2010

The 5th Economic Forum of Young Leaders will take place between 7th and 11th of September 2010 in Nowy Sącz (close to Cracow), Poland. The Economic Forum of Young Leaders in Nowy Sącz is a meeting of young people from Europe and a venue for discussion about important processes in our continent and world as well as challenges for young generations of politicians, economists and leaders of NGOs. FORUM gives room for debate about the future of the European Union and its relation with neighbouring countries.

Each year, FORUM engages over 300 young leaders of political, economic, social, and non-governmental organisations from the European Union countries, Eastern Europe and the Caucasus, from altogether over 42 European countries, to come to Poland to Nowy Sącz.

The venue of the conference is determined by a partner programme – the Economic Forum in Krynica. Subsequently, outstanding politicians, economists, businessmen and heads of the countries, governments and corporations can participate not only in the “central - European Davos” but also have an opportunity to meet Young Leaders in Nowy Sącz and to share experience, knowledge and to answer questions bothering young people. Guests of the Economic Forum of Young Leaders 2010 will be outstanding politicians, economists, and leaders.

The Economic Forum of Young Leaders is organized by the European Meeting Centre – Nowy Staw Foundation, the Economic Forum in Krynica and the Foundation for the Development of the Education System - Polish National Agency of the Youth in Action Programme.

Application process. Anyone interested in participating in the Forum should send an application form. Recruitment of participants begins on the 30th of April, 2010 and ends on the 16th of July, 2010. The results of the recruitment process will be announced by the 31st of July, 2010. 

Registration fee. Qualified participants have to make a payment of:
  • 50 Euro (registration fee) for participants from the EU countries, Norway and Island
  • 200 Polish Zloty (registration fee) for participants from Poland
  • 30 Euro (registration fee) for participants form Balkan countries, Turkey, East Europe and the South Caucasus countries
Donations from participants are accepted until the 21st of August, 2010.

The registration fee includes:
  • participation in the 5th Economic Forum of Young Leaders 2010
  • access to all sessions, plenaries, meeting discussions and workshops
  • coffee breaks during sessions
  • gala dinner
  • breakfasts, lunches and dinners throughout the Forum
  • accommodation in the student's dormitories during the Forum
More information at:

eYouwins 2010: Act Now - Change the Future

The fifth European Youth Week in Novi Sad (Green Week in Novi Sad: Act Now - Change the Future) will be held between 17th and 24th August 2010 in Novi Sad, Serbia.

In 2010 eYouwins celebrates 5th birthday and invites 200 participants to come to Novi Sad, between 17th and 24th August; to focus on green ways of life and sustainable development of our society. Therefore, this year eYouwins is Green Week in Novi Sad (greenWins). The motto and the title Green Week in Novi Sad: Act Now - Change the Future is motivated by the prime importance that young people understand and value the significance of concept of the harmonious coexistence of humans and nature. The youth of today have to be aware of the challenges of sustainable development and climate change as they will lead and live the changes required responding to them. Therefore we are creating platform which will enable participants to explore the human, social and educational aspects of this important issue through discussions, workshops and conferences.

The mission of greenWins is to promote green way of life and potential that lies in the harmonic relationship between humans and the environment. The project targets young people at the first place, for the simple reason that environmental sustainability affects their lives today and their futures more than anyone else. They have the potential, ability and influence needed to create change. It is clear that young people’s involvement in the present trends of development will ensure a sustainable future for themselves and for future generations.

The task of greenWins is to cultivate a sense of environmental ownership and responsibility in youth and overall community, ensuring that local and global sustainability efforts will continue into the future. Participants will work together in both theoretical and practical workshops and learn about recycling, applied ecology, water protection and clean energy. Additionally, numerous concrete actions will be organized during the week targeting and involving local population in Novi Sad.

Since participants will come from many different countries, it is a good occasion to learn from each other’s cultural and social background in order to find a common field of cooperation. This learning experience will be additionally amplified by multinational and multireligious surrounding of Novi Sad and Vojvodina. In order to address different needs of participants and to fulfill project goals in an innovative way, program of the eYouwins is structured as a combination of three elements: education, action and fun. Synergy of these festival elements will lead to fulfilling project objectives.

Participation fee for greenWins is 60 Euro for international participants and 3000 Dinars for the participants from Serbia. The participation fee covers accommodation, and meals during the Festival (light brekfast, lunch and dinner per day), organised excursions, sightseeing, entrance fees, and free participation in trips, conference programme, cultural and sport events of the Festival. The fee does not include travel costs and personal expenses. Accepted participants will pay the participants fee on arrival, at the registration. 

Eligibility. Youth from Serbia and all over Europe, aged between 18 and 28 years; all European students as well as those from other continents currently studying in Europe can apply for eYouwins2010. Young people from all backgrounds are welcome. There are no special requirements. The official language of eYouwins is English. It is expected that 30% of all participants will be from Serbia.

More info and application form:

International Master in Tourism & Leisure

MIB School of Management (Trieste), one of the top international business schools for managerial education in Italy and in the world, invites applications for the 12-month International Master Program in Tourism & Leisure (IMTL).

Tourism is one of the most dynamic fields in the international economic landscape; development of the global tourist economy has created a growing need for entrepreneurship and good management as well as a new level of professionalism and skills. Tourism is a real business, which deserves passion and talent, and calls for far-sighted and challenge-oriented managers.

The International Master in Tourism & Leisure (IMTL) will forge talent, cultivate passion, widen horizons and challenge the real international tourism professionals of the coming years through tourism training and tourism education at international levels.

The International Master in Tourism & Leisure is the only master in tourism accredited by ASFOR and UN WTO. The program helps participants develop skills for working in tourism and launching into a managerial or entrepreneurial career.

Important international company partners collaborate with the program through in-class talks, testimonials, interviews for internships and jobs, and company visits and presentations.

The IMTL offers:

* a solid, technical tourism education
* a solid business-oriented tourism training
* mastery of management processes
* specialized working tools for success in the tourism sector
* reinforcement of personal capabilities
* opportunities to network with companies offering career opportunities.

The School and companies network fund scholarships awarded as a partial exemption from Master tuition fee. Scholarships are awarded based on merit and on specific requirements indicated by the company funding the scholarship.

To apply for scholarships, candidates must:
* Complete and send the application on-line to the International Master in Tourism & Leisure
* Meet the requirements stated in the scholarship description
* Send all relevant documentation indicated in the scholarship description

Admission to the International Master in Tourism & Leisure program is independent from the scholarship process. When outcomes for admissions are announced, candidates will be informed if they receive a scholarship and the amount.

The number of scholarships may increase. Periodic changes are listed on the program website.

Admissions deadline: 21st September 2010 (not EU citizens), 05th October 2010 (EU citizens).

More details on application process and online application form can be found here:

Contact email:

PhD Researcher in European Integration

The Institute for European Integration Research (EIF) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences now invites: applications for the position of full-time researcher at the post-doctoral level. Beginning of the employment period: summer/autumn 2010. Duration of appointment: 1-2 years, extension possible. Remuneration: based upon seniority.

The Institute for European Integration Research (EIF) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences ( focuses on the policies of the European Union and their direct and indirect effects on both the national and global levels. Political science is our disciplinary basis for theoretically-oriented empirical research that frequently compares EU policy areas. EIF researchers regularly publish in SSCI journals such as JCMS, JEPP and WEP. Recent books and chapters from our team have been published by Oxford University Press, Ashgate and Routledge.

EIF contributes to the academic community with high-quality open source publications, research databases and state-of-the-art analyses. Through cooperation with national and international partners, EIF is responsible for the editorial management of two peer-reviewed journals published in the English language, European Integration online Papers (EIoP) and Living Reviews in European Governance (LREG).

Preferred applicant profile: PhD in political science with specialisation in European integration with a focus on one or several EU policy areas (preferably those not yet studied at EIF).

Application procedure. Please explain your research interests and send a CV with a list of publications (published, accepted and submitted works as well as texts in advanced stages of preparation) to Ms. Barbara Pavlik ( at) by 24 May 2010.  

More information at:

International Volunteer Work Camp in Zimbabwe

We would like to draw your attention to the International Workcamp to be held from the 15th to the 30th of August 2010 in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. The youth voluntary work camp will bring together 15 energetic young environmentalists and activists aged between sixteen and thirty years from different parts of the world to demonstrate the energy in young people with regards to community development and restoration of the Victoria Falls’ image as one of the World’s scenic area. 

With the belief that young people are assets in any community, Environment Africa through its Action-Africa program believes in the power of working with young people hence observing the need to create an opportunity for young people aged between sixteen and thirty to demonstrate their ability towards community development. It is from local or grassroots level where action to protect the environment acquires its full meaning hence lead to global environmental citizenship. “None can cross a river by merely looking at it, it’s now time for action for young people to achieve development through voluntary services at all levels”.

For more information regarding the workcamp, please refer to: or send an email to: or

Kindly note that the deadline for all applications will be Tuesday, 20th of July 2010.

Model United Nations in Slovenia 2010

The Slovenia International Model United Nations (SiMUN) is an annual United Nations simulation held especially for university students. This year’s conference is already the third Model UN held in Slovenia. It will take place in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana from from 14th to 19th September 2010

The simulation will be dedicated to the discussion of The Situation in Congo, Global Poverty and Climate Change. With this the students shall be initiated to thoroughly consider contemporary pressing issues.

The participation fee for each participant will be 90 € and it is applicable for delegates as well as for journalist.

With this fee all your basic expenses of your stay in Slovenia will be covered, namely:
* Participation at the SIMUN 2010 simulation;
* Accommodation for 5 days in Vila Veselova (breakfast included);
* 3 meals a day (breakfast, dinner and snacks during the day);
* Coffee breaks during sessions;
* Workshops and lectures;
* Materials needed for the simulation;
* Sightseeing tour of Ljubljana (all possible admissions not included);
* A traditional Slovenian dinner;
* Surprises in social events (parties etc.).

The participation fee does not include:
* Costs of transportation from and to Ljubljana;
* Personal expenses.

For participants from Slovenia the Participation fee includes:
* Participation at the SIMUN 2010 simulation;
* 2 meals a day (dinner and snacks during the day);
* Coffee breaks during sessions;
* Workshops and lectures;
* Materials needed for the simulation;
* A traditional Slovenian dinner;
* Surprises in social events (parties etc.).

Therefore the Participation fee for these participants will be 30 €.

The participation fee has to be paid in two weeks after your participation has been confirmed.

You can apply simply by filling out the form (on the program website) with the motivation letter (500 words). Send the form by e-mail to:

Application will be open from April 19th 2010 till June 1st 2010. Selected candidates will be notified by June 24th 2010 or sooner. There will also be a wait list, so if you don’t make it immediately don’t be discouraged.


PhD Scholarships at Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen

The Graduate School of the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Copenhagen is inviting applications for 19 PhD scholarships starting 1 February 2011 for a period of up to three years. As an equal opportunity employer, the Faculty of Humanities invites applications from all interested candidates regardless of gender, age, ethnic origin or religion. 

It is possible to apply for scholarships within subject areas and themes related to one or more of the following PhD programmes:

* PhD Programme in Archaelogy, Ethnology, Greek & Latin, and History (SAXO/CPH)
* PhD Programme in Cross Cultural and Regional Studies
* PhD Programme in Cultural Studies, Literature and the Arts
* PhD Programme in Education (FUKU)
* PhD Programme in Language and Linguistics
* PhD Programme in Media and Communication
* PhD Programme in Philosophy
* PhD Programme in Transnational and Migration Studies (TRAMS)

A short description of the PhD programmes and their research areas is available at: Contact information for the heads of the PhD programmes is also to be found at the homepage. Please contact the heads of the PhD programmes for further information about the subject areas and themes of the specific programmes:

Application procedure

Applicants need to hold a two-year Master's degree (120 ECTS) or the equivalent, or expect to receive such by 31 January 2011. Applicants shall have submitted their thesis at the time of application, to the extent the thesis forms part of their Master's programme.

Applicants with a non-Danish Master's degree will have their degree assessed by The Danish Agency for International Education to establish, if the Master's degree is equivalent to a Danish Master's degree. More information about The Danish Agency for International Education is available at:

Employment as a PhD student occurs pursuant to the applicable rules of the Faculty of Humanities, as well as between the Ministry of Finance and the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations (AC). Under this agreement, the PhD student is obliged - without further remuneration - to carry out allotted work to an extent corresponding to a total of 840 working hours in the case of a three-year contract.

The PhD student will be working at the same department of the faculty as the supervisor. Daily presence at the department is expected.

Enrolment as a PhD student at the Faculty of Humanities' Graduate School is a precondition for employment as a PhD student. A description of the PhD study programme is available at:

Applications shall be submitted via the electronic application system efond:

Application form and application guidelines on research proposal and required enclosures are available at the homepage:

A certified copy of the applicant's Master's Degree diploma needs to be submitted as one of the enclosures to the application. Certification shall be by a public authority such as the institution having issued the diploma or a public bureau specializing in diploma certification. The applicant may be asked to submit the originally certified copy of the Master's Degree diploma after the application deadline.

If the MA diploma and/or examination records are in another language than English, Danish, Norwegian or Swedish, please include a translation into either of these languages in your application.

The translation of diplomas/certificates and transcripts must be made by or approved by either:
- a Danish state-authorised translator and interpreter or
- the embassy or consulate of the country where the original document was issued or where the translation was made or
- a Danish consulate/embassy.

Closing date for applications: 17 August 2010 at 12 noon (Central European time). No supplementary documents will be considered after this deadline.

For any further questions, please contact the PhD Centre ( tel. +45 3532 9223.