UniCredit Study Abroad Programme

UniCredit & Universities Foundation launches a new competition for 8 grants "UniCredit Study Abroad Exchange Programme" aimed at all university students of economics or finance for a period of six months of study exchange programme abroad to/from Serbia and Russia.

To be eligible for the competition, applicants must be a citizen of one of 22 countries where UniCredit is present and be a university student in the fields of economics or finance in at least her/his 2nd year of study.

Moreover, candidates must:
1) either be enrolled at any university in a country in which UniCredit is present and be wishing to spend six months at a university located either in Russia or in Serbia
2) be enrolled at a university located either in Russia or in Serbia and be wishing to spend six months abroad at any University in a country in which UniCredit is present.

The grants are aimed at financing exchange periods abroad for six months, starting from January 2012 and ending March 2013.

Each winner will receive a grant of  EUR 4,200 (gross of taxes) for the whole period and an economy return flight ticket will be fully paid by the Foundation.

Candidates may only apply using the application available online. In the application, each candidate must indicate a list of maximum 3 host-universities where she/he intends to spend the exchange period, choosing only those universities with an exchange agreement already signed with the home university.

Applications may be submitted until 15 November 2011. The eight winners will be announced by 15 December 2011.

Scholarships at the International Hellenic University

The International Hellenic University (IHU), Thesalloniki, is Greece’s first state university where programmes are taught exclusively in English. IHU philosophy is based upon a combination of the following three concepts:  Academic Excellence, Practical Relevance, International Outlook. The IHU is based in Thessaloniki, a modern city that has been a crossroads of cultures and civilizations for over 2300 years and provides a multicultural and cosmopolitan environment, where students from all over the world feel comfortable and welcome.

The International Hellenic University offers a number of scholarships for its programmes, covering a significant portion of the programme fees. These scholarships are competitive. Award criteria include the quality of the first degree and proven financial need.

The International Hellenic University is Greece’s first state university where programmes are taught exclusively in English. The university is based in Thessaloniki and has three Schools.
  • The School of Economics & Business Administration offers three postgraduate programmes :  Executive MBA, MSc in Management, MSc in Banking & Finance

  • The School of Humanities offers a postgraduate program: MA in Black Sea Cultural Studies

  • The School of Science and Technology offers two postgraduate programmes: MSc in Energy Systems (with specialization streams: Energy Systems Management, Renewable Energy) and  MSc in Information and Communication Technology Systems (with specialization streams: Information Systems Management, Health Information Systems, Information Systems for Sustainable Growth (Green ICT))

The International Hellenic University is building a strong faculty comprised of academics dedicated to research and teaching excellence. They work closely with a visiting faculty of internationally distinguished academics. The programmes have been developed by experts with experience in developing courses of studies both in Greek universities and in top international universities and postgraduate programmes.

The multicultural environment of the International Hellenic University is a guarantee for exchange of ideas and cooperation among students with different cultural backgrounds. Do not miss the chance for quality studies in a university, funded by the European Union that operates according to the highest academic standards. Applications are open until all the available places are filled. Therefore you should apply as early as possible to ensure place availability. The courses start on 30 September. For more information and the application form, visit the website. 

International Symposium Shaping Europe 2020: Socio-Economic Challenges

International Symposium Shaping Europe 2020: Socio-Economic Challenges will take place on 18-19 November 2011 in Bucharest, Romania. The objective of the symposium is to share our experiences in the socio-economic field in the context of Europe 2020. We are living in a changing and unpredictable world, and the only way to cope with it is to build a powerful strategy for EU’s growth that will reflect on our everyday lives.

Three ambitious pillars are established for this strategy: EU economy should become a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy for the mutual benefit of EU member states and sustain their effort to deliver high levels of employment, productivity and social cohesion.

To measure in meeting the Europe 2020 goals, it has also been agreed upon five ambitious targets on employment, innovation, education, social inclusion and climate/energy. This set of EU-level targets is translated into national strategies in each EU country, reflecting different situations and circumstances.

Call for papers

This symposium is an International Forum for PhD students and Post Docs, lecturers, researchers, professors, educational scientists, technologists and European projects experts, who can present their contribution on the mentioned topics.

A special attention will be paid to young researchers PhD students and Post Docs who are encouraged to express their original ideas in a particular part of the plenary session.

Each participant can choose between 2 presentation typologies:

_Oral presentation: each presentation will last max.15 minutes (10 minutes for presentation +5 minutes for a "question and answer" session. A PC with Microsoft powerpoint and video projector will be made available to all speakers. For other technical requirements please contact the symposium organizers by sendind an email to : symposium2011@reaser.eu
_Virtual presentation: This presentation modality is addressed to those who are not able to attend the symposium in person. Virtual presentations will consist of a power point presentation (with audio) that will be uploaded on the symposium website. The presentation will therefore be accessible for all participants during and after the symposium.

Important dates
Abstract submission - 15 September 2011
Acceptance notification - 25 September 2011
Final paper submission - 15 October 2011
Registration/payment deadline - 18 October 2011

Website: http://www.reaser.eu/symposium/ 
Email: symposium2011@reaser.eu

International JEF Seminar in Helsinki

"Fixing a hole – closing the gaps in democracy!" is an international seminar organised by JEF-Europe and JEF-Finland in Helsinki, the capital of Finland from 22 until 28 October 2011.

To which extend and how is Europe’s youth involved into the democratic procedures on the local, regional, national, European and global level? How can the decreasing demographic weight and a lowering democratic participation be addressed? In which extend do the conventions and charters on rights promoted by the Council of Europe promote the democratic empowerment of young generations? Which is the contribution of youth work to the development of social responsibilities?

The participants of the seminar ‘Fixing a hole – closing the gaps in democracy’ will study and try to find the answer to these questions. In a dynamic exchange with elected representatives and youth leaders at local, national and European level, participants will have the possibility to understand differences within Europe and between our continent and the rest of the world and exchange good practices. Participants will study in which extent different legal, educational and communicational measures can promote youth participation and youth representation in society at local, national and transnational level and promote democratic and social inclusion.

The working methodology is based on a combination of non-formal and formal education methods and on a strong interaction with democratic and civil society representatives. A ahole day will be dedicated to a simulation of an international decision-making process. The seminar will also provide a range of leisure activities in the city of Helsinki enjoying the rich European history and culture this city has to offer.

Conditions for participation

Application procedure
To participate in this international experience, please fill out the online application form. APPLY NOW.

Deadline for applications
Applications have to be submitted via the online form the latest on Sunday 7 August 2011, 23h59 CET. Selected applicants will be contacted by mid-August.

Participation fee
The participation fee of 120 EUR for JEF members and 150 EUR for non-JEF members is to be paid by bank transfer within 10 days after receipt of confirmation. JEF-Europe reserves the right to cancel your participation if no payment was received within 10 days after confirmation.

Travel reimbursements
70% of the travel costs will be reimbursed by bank transfer after the seminar upon submission of all original travel documents/boarding passes. Maximum reimbursement = 170 EUR.

A limited number of scholarships will be available for this event. If your personal situation makes financial support necessary in order to participate, please mention the reasons in the online application form.

Applicants requiring a visa for Finland should indicate this in the online application form.

The seminar will be held in English.

JEF seminars | European Secretariat 214d Chaussée de Wavre |B-1050 Bruxelles Phone: +32 2 5120053 | Fax: +32 2 6269501 E-mail: seminar@jef.eu | www.jef.eu