'Empowering Women' Seminar in France

French National Agency in cooperation with SALTO EuroMed, with the support of SALTO Eastern Europe and Caucasus, and SALTO South East Europe organize a building seminar "Empowering Women"  that will take place on 13-18 December 2010 in France. 

The seminar will deal with the empowerment of women: it will deepen what empowering means (liberty and power, knowledge and capacity for taking decisions and the opportunity for fulfilling them) and how it is searched in various sectors of life (economy, politics, education and health). Participants will have a direct touch with the empowerment of women in the seminar venue, by visiting places and organisations active in the field. All this in order to let participants build partnerships and draw draft ideas of future common projects, which will be monitored with an impact evaluation after 6/12 months.

Aims and objectives
1. facilitating the networking process among participants and promoting new common projects
2. letting participants deepening the topic and its corollaries
3. deepening the analysis of the fields where empowering it’s needed in the four regions (EU + MEDA + SEE + EECA)
4. getting a direct touch with the external environment, with organizations and bodies with strong connections with the thematic
5. sharing experiences in the field
6. facilitating the networking process among participants and promoting new common projects.

1. Youth workers, trainers belonging to organisations or bodies dealing with the thematic.
2. Coming from EU and the three regions (MEDA + SEE + EECA)
3. A gender balance would be REALLY appreciated (or at least a significant male participation)

Working language: English/French. Group size: 24

You have to fill in the application on-line. Only the application forms submitted and correctly filled-in will be taken into account. Deadline for applications is 16 October 2010.

Selection process
Programme countries: pre-selection through sending National Agencies for the YiA programme Mediterranean Partner countries: Salto-Youth EuroMed with support of EuroMed Youth Units. Other partner countries: Salto-Youth EuroMed with support of SALTO SEE and SALTO EECA

Costs and scholarships
Travel, boarding and loading of participants will be covered. The selected participants will be contacted by the organisers about their travel’s cost.