Planning for Your Studies Abroad: Apply for the Fulbright Scholarship

If you are looking for an enriching and independent experience abroad, consider applying for the Fulbright scholarship this year. This full scholarship, which is funded mostly the US government, allows you to explore your interests, through research, teaching, university studies, or all of the above. The objective of the program is to increase the exchange of ideas through research and collaboration abroad. The United States government awards about 8,000 grants (4,000 international students) a year, and American Fulbright scholars work or study in any one of the 152 countries which participate in the program.  Fulbright scholars from other countries must conduct their research/teach/study in the US. 

You can apply for various types of Fulbright scholarships, based on what you would like to do abroad. If you are interested in teaching and not an American citizen, you could apply for a grant to take part in the Fulbright Language Teaching Assistant Program (FLTA). This is for university students or recent graduates who would like to teach English abroad. If you are an American citizen, you could apply to teach English abroad through a similar program called: Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship. This can be a great experience for those wanting to get in touch with the culture and traditions of a different country. In order to succeed and enjoy either of these programs, you should possess a desire to work with kids, be patient, and be diligent in your work. Most importantly, you must have a curious mind and be ready for an adventure! You can check out both programs on the Fulbright Website

For those of you interested in studying or doing a research program abroad, Fulbright offers generous grants for students or recent graduates with a detailed plan of their study or research initiatives. The US government is willing to fund any research project which is well thought out and appropriately fulfills the objective of the scholarship program. Any student or graduate looking for funds must clear through a vigorous selection process before receiving the award. However, the program funds various projects in MANY different fields of study. You can look at past projects or research initiatives here. Start thinking of project or study ideas today!

If any of this sounds confusing, talk to a representative at your university scholarship office. Also feel free to email or contact Fulbright representatives in your home country for questions. Be ready and prepared to clear through a vigorous selection process. However, the ends and benefits you will receive will be incredible. Bon voyage!

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