Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Poland

Centre for Creative Activity is looking for EVS volunteer for the period of February-November 2012. Our project is about promoting voluntarism, building local activism. Volunteer is a person involved in making actions, workshops for youth and children, can also to adults. During EVS you will be involved in coordinating local and international projects, fundraising, writing application for grants and working at school:))) also sometimes you will be involve in travelling in a region with promotion of youth in action and your country! 

EURODESK INFORMATION POINT  - answering mails, updating website , making databases (for ex: grants, international summer courses etc)  - helping with international events 
NDIVIDUAL WORSHOPS - This activity depends of a volunteer him/her self. Depending of the wanted activity and the profile of volunteer that we will host, they will have opportunity to develop their own activity by share of his/her own interest (which means that if they are good in theatre they will have chance to organize theatre worshops or if they are good in belly dance, we will start new open for local youth).  Our main target are kids and younsgters till end of university 
WORKING ON A FIELD - In this part we planned to bring volunteers in projects on which we work, like:  - helping with local actions like: helping with studies for youth - organising free time activities for kids and youth such as concerts.  - promotion of the European integration process ( in a political and social meaning) by developing.  The four main areas, where we plan that the foreign volunteers could involve in are:  - cooperation with European School Clubs (ESC) - informal unions between the students and teachers in different types of schools from the following voivodeships: LUBUSKIE, WIELKOPOLSKIE, DOLNOŇíL¥SKIE. The volunteers will travel around those voivodeships to give lectures and make workshops in kindergardens, schools about their own countries (traditions, history, educational system, young people's lifestyles) and the European Union (especialy educationals programms for youth). Apart from this the volunteers will help our volunteers to organise Europan day and Europan Youth Conference. To show the possibilities in EU for young people.  This part can be flexible, because volunteers will be involved in everything that we will do in a certain moment. If we will organize art festival they will have opportunity to be involved. In periods where field work is not necessary volunteers will have chance to develop their own  3) St. Staszic Complex of Schools in Wschowa  - helping Career Councelour with office work and leading worshops for youth 
We would like to welcome a volunteer in the age between 18 - 30 y.o. with as much artistic as realistic soul, who is enthusiastic and keen to do a lot of different activities, who would like to either teach teenagers important things about dance, music, theatre and/or acting or, help with creating/editing webside of our partners institutions and our NGO. We plan that the volunteer to his/her advantage will learn many things about Polish culture and language. We need a person who would like to share with kids, and youth what is "youth in action" and what kind of europan programmes they can use in their lifes. That person should like working with children and teenagers and have communicative command of English language.It would be also perfect if person is experienced in writing grants application and fundraising. Selected candidate will be contacted in order to receive further information about the procedure and to explain details about our organisation and the available acivities in Centre for Creative Activity.
- CV  and cover letter 
- Movie about herself/himself (with info how they can contribute project , why they choose our project) 
TILL 10.10.2011 - 23.59 CET TO THE EMAIL EVS@FUNDACJA-CAT.PL.  MAILS SENT TO KONTAKT@FUNDACJA-CAT.PL WOULD BE REJECTED AUTOMATICALLY!!! We prefer if sending organisation can apply in its own country, becuase our project is still running (first one)
  • Contact person: Marlena Pujsza Kunikowska
  • Organisation: Centre for Creative Activity
  • Location: Leszno, Poland
  • Deadline: 10/10/2011
  • Start: 27/02/2012
  • End: 26/11/2012