Learning Arabic Language and Culture in Morocco

An Arabic Language and Culture session is a special activity that the Forum Communication des Cultures (FCC) organizes this year. The sessions will be held in Youssoufia/Rabat, Morocco.

The objectives of this activity are:
- Giving to people the opportunity to get basic knowledge about Arabic language and culture. That knowledge could be useful for him in their studies or in their daily life or in their travels in countries speaking this language.
- Giving the opportunity to people to get in touch with the Moroccan culture and its way of life, and in consequences achieve a fruitful cultural exchange.
- Giving the opportunity to people has some basic knowledge about this language to brush up it and be adapted to different ways to use it.
- Trying to connect Volunteers with friends from abroad so as to correspond between them in English or Arabic as a tool to promote their international understaning and knowledge and establish new friendship.

The courses are given by teachers’ members of FCC, who've got special training for this mission. Those teachers are flexible in managing those courses and are ready to cooperate with the participants so as to fulfil their expectations.

13 hours of learning courses per week are envisaged (Monday to Friday, morning from 9.30 to 12.00). The curriculum includes Arabic Culture, Calligraphy, Arabic language courses, Pronounciation.

At their arrival the participants will be given the FCC Arabic Language Guide.

The intercultural exchange sessions that will be organised during the Arabic program is an occasion offered by FCC to all the participants so as to present, exchange and discuss together the knowledge they got from the families.

The participants lodge and eat in families during the whole period. Staying with a family is a tool for FCC to give the occasion to the participants to use the Arabic language and also to discover the Moroccan way of life. All the participants are asked to respect the families’ environment and don’t behave against the local tradition; they are also asked to be sociable and are open mind so as to built good and fruitful communication with their members.

Five periods are available, and the participant who would like to attend the following period will be welcomed. 
1st Period: 05/01/2012-05/02/2012
2nd Period: 05/02/2012-05/03/2012
3rd Period: 05/03/2012-05/04/2012
4th Period: 05/04/2012-05/05/2012
5th Period: 05/05/2012-05/06/2012

Registration Fees 20 EUR
Extra fees: 100 EUR/month

A candidate should send a motivation letter and the registration form (can de found here) to forcc.net@gmail.com
Participant has to show a strong motivation and discipline in learning a different culture and language.

Deadline for application for the 1st session: 20/11/2011.

For more information or details, please contact: forcc.net@gmail.com

More about the organization:  http://fccm.weebly.com/