Oslo International Summer School 2012

The International Summer School (ISS) at the University of Oslo, Norway, yearly offers intensive Master's and Bachelor's courses over six weeks in summer. We will welcome more than 550 students from nearly 100 countries from 23 June to 3 August 2012. The deadline for this year scholarship applications is 1 February, 2012. Self-paying applicants can apply after this date.

The ISS is a learning community of diverse students who come together to study, interact and increase understanding and good will between nations. It aims at developing and conveying knowledge and at promoting understanding between people from different cultures. This dual purpose is reflected in the ISS motto: “Six Weeks of Academic Achievement and International Good Will”.
Admission requirements for ISS
The requirements listed below must be met prior to the start of the ISS.

Bachelor's courses

Master's courses

Norwegian Language Courses

Scholarship applicants

Many applicants will find that they are academically qualified to attend ISS, but they will not meet the requirements set by the scholarship donors. Many scholarship applicants are academically qualified to attend the ISS, but they do not meet the requirements for a scholarship. As a result, the application will be rejected. 
To be a successful scholarship candidate you will need to demonstrate:
  • that your academic background is related to the course you wish to take;
  • that your professional background/goals are related to the course you wish to take;
  • financial need;
  • personal qualities that make you a good representative of your country.
Competition for scholarships is high. Many scholarship applicants are rejected in the Pre-Application phase. At this point, the applicant can switch the status to "self-paying" or "sponsored" and try to find the funding from a source outside the ISS.

Required supporting documents 

Many applications are delayed or rejected because candidates fail to send certified copies of their academic credentials. A certified copy means you must take your documents to a public official or notary. The official must make the copies, stamp the papers and sign them, attesting to their validity. Certified copies can be made at a university registrar, police office, public notary, bank or post office.  We do NOT accept a photocopy or a scan of a document that has a stamp or seal.

Include the following:

1. Application form

The application form is available only through the Pre-Application form. Filling out the Pre-Application form is the first step in the application process.
The ISS will send the application form by email as a pdf file. Download and print the application form. Some fields are already filled in with information from your Pre-Application form. Be sure to complete the rest of the fields by hand. Please review the information and make any corrections directly on the application in pen. Remember to sign and date the form!

2. Two passport-sized photos

Write your name on the reverse side of the photographs. The photographs should be of good quality.

3. ISS scholarship form (only for scholarship applicants)

Scholarship application forms are available only through the Pre-Application form. Print out the form and follow the instructions given. Remember that your reference person cannot be related to you and s/he must also stamp and sign the form.

4. Statement of purpose

Your statement of purpose should be one page, typed, double spaced (max. 500 words). Tell us why the course is important to you, how it helps you fulfill future goals or how it relates to your current studies or employment. Briefly state your personal qualities that make you a good representative of your country.
Applicants for Norwegian levels III and IV should write their statement in Norwegian. The statement of purpose is a particularly important basis for selecting applicants for scholarships.

5. Letters of recommendation

You should submit two letters of recommendation from two different people who are not related to you by blood or marriage. The referee should give information regarding your character, intellectual ability, and seriousness of purpose. The letter should be written on official letterhead and must include contact information for the reference person. At least one letter should come from your professor, lecturer, headmaster, or if employed, from your current employer.
We rely heavily on the letters of recommendation when considering candidates for Master's courses and for scholarships.
Exceptions: If you live in Norway and are applying for Norwegian language courses, you do not need to submit the letters of recommendation. 

6. English documentation

All applicants must submit certified copies (stamped and signed by a public official) of their test scores or exams. If you submit a statement from a professor or employer, we prefer the statement to be written on official letterhead. Native English speakers from the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia or New Zealand do not need to document their English skills. . 

7. Norwegian documentation

Applicants to Norwegian language levels II, III or IV must submit certified copies (stamped and signed by a public official) of transcripts or test scores of previous Norwegian courses or exams (i.e. Bergenstest). Recommendations from a teacher or employer must be written on official letterhead.

8. Certified copies of transcripts/diplomas

You must submit a certified copy of your academic credentials (transcripts, diplomas, etc.) or have official credentials sent directly from the bursars of the issuing school/university.
If your documents are not in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish or Danish, they must be translated into one of these languages – preferably Norwegian or English – by an official translator who must sign and stamp the original and the translation. You must submit BOTH the certified transcripts and the translations.

9. CV or resume (Master-level applicants and scholarship applicants)

We require a CV/resume from all candidates applying for Master-level courses and from all scholarship applicants. Otherwise, this is optional.

10. Copy of passport

Applicants must submit the pages of their passport showing personal data and photo. Applicants residing in EU countries may submit a copy of their National Identity Card instead of a passport.
If you reside in Norway, you must submit both a copy of a valid residence permit (oppholdstillatelse) and a copy of the pages of your passport showing personal data and photo.

11. Receipt for payment of the application fee

No application is complete until the application fee is paid in full. Some scholarship applicants are exempted from the application fee.

Where to send your completed application

Please note the ISS requires the complete and physical application form and supporting documents.
  • Do NOT scan your application and send it as an attachment by email.
  • Do NOT fax your application to us. 
Send your application form and supporting documents to:
International Summer School
University of Oslo
PO Box 1082, Blindern
NO-0317 OSLO
Our physical address for Courier Mail (DHL, FedEx, etc.) is:
International Summer School
University of Oslo
Moltke Moes vei 30-32
Georg Morgenstiernes hus, 2. etg.
NO-0851 OSLO

If you reside in USA or Canada, send your application to:
Oslo International Summer School
c/o St. Olaf College
1520 St. Olaf Avenue
Northfield, MN 55057-1098

How to apply: read here