Economic Talk 2010

Students from G4 countries - Chinese, German, Japanese and US students plus participants from other countries have the opportunity to participate in a 6-day workshop with well-known representatives from the car industry, within the program "Economic Talk 2010", from 22 to 27 March in Tokyo, Japan

Participants: About 60 students from China, Germany, Japan and the US, basically between 18 and 30 years of age. Students from other countries may be included as representatives of their country. Representatives from car industry (Daimler, Honda, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Volkswagen, etc.).

Goals of the event:
1. To understand not only the present situation but also the future
2. To identify economic issues and needs for action for the future
3. To create economic opportunities for our future
4. To develop our responsibility for the future
5. To provide students with a milestone for their future
6. To enable students whose major is not relevant to develop economic sense.

Participants will need to create their future both personally and professionally. First, they need to understand the present (2009/2010) and the future (2020) through 1-year and 10-year forecasts, respectively. Second, economic issues and needs for action will be identified through ET topics and subsequent discussion. Third, participants create career or business opportunities for our future by talking about industries (2010: workshop on car industry). Fourth, participants develop personal and professional sense for responsibility through the discussions, talks and presentations in the program. Fifth, through the program experience including real and virtual networking among participants, students are provided with a milestone for their future both personally and professionally. Sixth, student participants irrespective of major will be enabled to develop economic sense.

Working language: English.

Participation fee: 30000 Yen (about 330 USD). Reimbursement of travel costs may be provided if organizers obtain program funding.

Apply online on "first come, first selected" basis until 14 February 2010 at

Any questions? Just email to!