Prishtina International Summer University 2011

In  the  summer  of  2011 (11 – 22 July),  the  University  of  Prishtina (UP), Kosovo, will organize the 11th edition of the Prishtina International Summer University. The11th edition of the PISU is open to all students and will help all participants to gain from new methods of lecturing and research as well as enjoying the international atmosphere. As set by the traditional program itself, this year's program also bring together regional & international professors and lecturers for a period of two weeks and provide the opportunity for local and international students to learn and share their experiences.

The  Programme  will  provide  approximately  21 courses and workshops  in  the  field of humanities, social sciences and natural sciences, engineering, etc. In addition, public discussions, lectures etc, will be organized on prominent  issues  in Kosovar  and  (South) East European society.

Participants who attend 80 % of their classes and pass course assignments and examinations will receive a European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) compatible certificate “Prishtina International Summer University Certificate”. You are kindly invited to check with your home institution if such certificates are accepted. In most cases you may transfer gained ECTS credits at the Prishtina International Summer University to your own studies at your home institution.

Courses available

Family, Social Security and Transnational Networks; Principles and Strategies for Humanitarian Relief; Participation of ethnic minorities in state governance in the Western Balkans; Constitutional frameworks and political praxis; Academic Learning and  Personal Development; Critical and Creative Thinking; Modern Academic Writing; Balkan Politics: From Communism to European Integration; Public International Law; Globalization and the ascent of China; International Financial Market; Public Finance; Towards Energy Efficient Building; Industrial and Environmental Safety Management; Combined Heat and Power Production with District Heating; Molecular Microbiology and Bacterial Pathogenesis; Child and Adolescent Psychiatry: Diagnostics and Intervention; International Food and Agriculture Policy: From Great Depression and into the 21st Century; Food Safety in Global Production; Chamber Music Connects the People; Music and Society; Strategies in Education for Sustainability; Sustainable Preschool and Peace Education; Kosovo’s Way to EU. 


Your present level of studies should match the course you apply for. The selected course should be relevant to your education at your home university. You should have excellent English skills. 


The  Prishtina  International  Summer  University  distinguishes  two  categories  of non-Kosovar participants: Participants  that are entitled  to a scholarship &  those that are not.  If you are a citizen of one of  the eligible countries (Albania, Bosnia and  Herzegovina,  Croatia,  Macedonia,  Montenegro,  and  Serbia),  you will automatically be considered for a scholarship.

Be aware  that scholarship students must attend at  least 80% of  their classes. If you  fail  to meet this requirement, your scholarship will be discontinued and your accommodation cancelled.

For all those who are awarded a scholarship, the following benefits apply:
  • Free accommodation in  the university dormitory. Room shared with one other student.
  • Travel  stipend.  In most  cases,  the  stipend  will  cover  the  total  sum  of  your travel expenses  to and  from Prishtina. However,  for some  itineraries,  the  travel stipend will only partially cover  the costs.  In  this case, additional costs will have to be covered by the participant him/herself
  • Travel Stipend:
    Albania €50
    BiH  €100
    Croatia  €150
    Montenegro €50
    Macedonia €50
    Serbia €50
  • Students will receive three daily meals at the student restaurant.
Please note  that you have  to be a citizen of one of  the scholarship countries  in order  to be eligible  for a scholarship. For  instance: a Dutch student studying  in Bosnia will not be able to apply for a scholarship. UP requests that you advance the necessary payments. Participants who receive a travel stipend need to keep all receipts  for  travel  costs made. Without  receipts,  no  reimbursements  can  be made.

Participants who do not receive a scholarship will have to cover all costs affiliated with  their  participation themselves,  i.e.  travel,  visa,  accommodation,  food,  etc. However, they will not be charged any tuition fee. If desired, accommodation can be arranged for these participants in the university dormitory. The cost of staying in the dormitory will be posted on the website and is expected to be around 50 € per week, including 3 daily meals at the student restaurant. 


You can apply online by filling in the application form. 

For further information you can contact: