Rovira i Virgili University Мaster's Degree Program in Spain

The Rovira i Virgili University (Tarragona, Spain) is announcing a competitive call for grants to study on a university Master’s degree programduring the academic year 2011– 2012. This scholarship aims to facilitate and increase the participation of new international students who fulfill the entry requirements of the URV university master’s degrees.

The URV offered 46 official university Master's degrees in the 2009-10 academic year. More than half of these are joint degrees, some in collaboration with research institutes  (ICIQ, ICAC, ICMAB) and others in association with European universities, covering almost all the fields of study available at the URV. Official university Master's degree's are the result of adapting current Spanish university studies to the European Higher Education Area, in accordance with the Bologna process of 1999 and complementary accords. The ultimate aim of this reform of the structure of university qualifications is to harmonize the length of degree programmes, the learning methods employed and the academic activities offered in European universities. This is expected to facilitate the mobility of students and their integration into the European labour market.

There are three different types of official university Master's degree: professional, designed for students to learn and acquire the skills they need to specialize in their profession of choice; research, designed for students to acquire knowledge that can be applied to the sphere of research and academic, which is a hybrid of the first two types.

Applicants must be new international students who meet the following criteria:
* must not be the beneficiaries of other incompatible grants or bursaries
* must be registered for at least 60 ECTS credits of a URV university master’s degree
* must have been favorably evaluated by the specially appointed Committee and their coefficient must be within the total number of grants to be awarded
* must not have Spanish residence

Documents that must be presented with the application:
a. Signed application form addressed to the rector of the university
b. Declaration that the beneficiary does not reside in Spain
c. Academic transcript with the average grade of the previous academic year
d. The Postgraduate and Doctoral School can ask students for any other documents that may be required to appraise their application during the selection process

Applications can be submitted by e-mail at the address Application dedaline is April 30, 2011.

Alternatively, they can be submitted by certified mail or handled physically at he following address:
Escola de Postgrau i Doctorat
Universitat Rovira i Virgili
Crta. de Valls s/n, Edifici W1, planta baixa,
43007 Tarragona

The grants consist of the whole amount of the registration of the first academic year (60 ECTS credits, including registered and recognized, fees and insurance) and a study bursary of 4.000€.

Please note that the registration or tuition fees will not be transferred to the students. The Postgraduate and Doctoral School will transfer this amount directly to the Academic Management Service, which is also responsible for paying the insurance premium for these students (covers the costs of health care, accidents and repatriation during the period they are beneficiaries of the grant).

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