IHS Summer Seminars 2010

Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason University (USA) invites applications for its summer liberty seminars, which will be held in various USA universities in summer 2010. The seminars are open to undergraduate and graduate students and recent graduates. 

Participation is free! Accepted applicants receive full scholarships worth approximately $1,500, covering tuition, books, and room and board on a college campus. Scholarships are made possible through the generous support of IHS contributors. Participants only pay for their own travel costs.

IHS Summer Seminars provide an opportunity to learn about classical liberal ideas, such as individual rights and free markets, and apply these ideas to topics in history, economics, philosophy and many other disciplines. Students can choose from 11 weeklong, interdisciplinary seminars that vary according to topic complexity, career path, and academic interest.

Depending on the seminar, you might learn about topics such as natural rights, public choice, or spontaneous order. Lectures will touch on policies that maximize individual autonomy and minimize government compulsion. Professors will explain how government regulations can produce unintended consequences and how classical liberal ideas can peacefully address many chronic policy issues – from healthcare to pollution to immigration to banking. 

This summer, IHS will offer 11 summer seminars on a myriad of topics. The seminars take place on beautiful college campuses throughout the United States. Eight of the seminars examine the ideas of liberty in the context of one or more general subject areas, such as globalization or the economy. For students and recent graduates interested in pairing their interest in liberty with their career paths, we offer seminars that apply classical liberal ideas to academia, journalism, or public policy. 
Below is the list of seminar topics: 
Careers in Liberty 
- Journalism & the Free Society Get career advice from experienced journalists, learn political and economic tools of analysis, and explore how libertarian principles apply to  journalism. For students of any major interested in a journalism career. June 5–11 - Philadelphia, PA – Bryn Mawr College
- Liberty & Leviathan: Policy from the Libertarian Perspective
Learn how the libertarian tradition can be applied to particular policy issues and receive career advice from successful policy scholars and professionals. For undergraduates and recent graduates pursuing careers in public policy. July 10–16 - Trinity University, Washington, DC
- Scholarship & a Free Society Interdisciplinary research workshop for graduate students interested in the classical liberal perspective and how leading academics are applying it to their work. June 12–18, 2010 - Bryn Mawr College (Philadelphia, PA)

Topics in Liberty 
- Exploring Liberty A rich exploration of the historical, economic, and philosophical foundations of a free society and the application of those ideas to contemporary issues. Ideal for undergraduates interested in an introduction to politics and classical liberal ideas. June 19–25 - Yale University, New Haven, CT
- Liberty in Education Learn how the ideas of liberty can influence K–12 education. A seminar for students and recent graduates of all majors interested in education theory, history, or practice. July 30–Aug 1 - Loyola University, Chicago, IL 
- Liberty & Society An intense, interdisciplinary exploration of classical liberal and libertarian thought for undergraduates, recent graduates, and early graduate students familiar with the libertarian perspective. May 29–June 4 - Wake Forest University, Winston–Salem, NC; June 19–25 - Chapman University, Orange County, CA
- Liberty & Current Issues Learn new approaches and alternative solutions to social and economic policy problems using classical liberal principles. For students and young professionals interested in policy and political science. May 29–June 4 - George Mason University, Washington, DC
- Morality, Capitalism & Freedom For students and recent graduates interested in exploring the past, present, and future of the free market system. July 24–30 - Wake Forest University, Winston–Salem, NC
- Poverty & Prosperity For undergraduates interested in discussing globalization and the challenges of sustainable development from the libertarian perspective. July 31–Aug 6 - Bryn Mawr College (outside Philadelphia, PA)
- The Tradition of Liberty: Advanced Studies Think critically and intensely about the challenges and tensions in the classical liberal perspective. For students and recent graduates with a deep understanding of classical liberal thought. July 17–23 - Bryn Mawr College (outside Philadelphia, PA)

Application deadline for all seminars: March 31, 2010. To apply, you will need to fill in an online application form on the website and write several essays.