International Caux Conferences 2010

Global independent organization "Initiatives of Changes", which works to promote peace, prevent conflicts, build trust and encourage intercultural dialogue, organizes a series of its annual international interdisciplinary conferences in July-August 2010 in Caux, Switzerland

Target audience: experts, practitioners and activists in the field of fundamental rights and intercultural dialogue, organisations on national, regional and local levels, teachers and education managers, students,  young adults and activists interested in or working on conference topics.

Short information about each of the conferences: 

2 – 7 July 2010: Learning to Live in a Multicultural World
This conference focuses on fundamental rights and multiculturalism in Europe. It will tackle the crucial issues of the current debate on fundamental rights in Europe: right pluralism, children rights, gender and the European migration policy. Through training modules on Religious diversity and anti-discrimination; Intercultural mediation; Citizenship; Intercultural teaching and Media ethics in a pluralist society, the conference provides an in-depth reflection on the individual contribution to defend fundamental rights in Europe.

9 – 16 July 2010: Caux Forum for Human Security
‘Caux as a resource for the world’s peace-makers’: the third annual Forum of a 5-year programme aimed at changing the traditional dynamic of diplomacy by encouraging greater listening, collaboration and attention to past hurts. The Forum will bring together people active in many aspects of human security diplomats, politicians, academics, journalists, fieldworkers.

26 July – 2 August 2010: Everybody Counts
A dialogue across generations and cultures about what really matters to us all. In a world of great challenges and possibilities it is with a sense of urgency that young and old – children, students, professionals, families, pensioners and grandparents – are invited to come and take the time to listen and to share, to reflect and to discuss. It is the aim of the dialogue that participants will become friends, supporting each other across generations and cultures, and together working for a better, healthier, fairer & more peaceful world.

4 – 10 August 2010: Leading Change for a Sustainable World
Drawing from Caux’s unique capital of know-how and experience, this innovative conference, lead by a team of young adults, will concentrate on initiatives to end poverty and to curb global warming with the participation of involved activists, entrepreneurs, policy makers and young people. It will be a time for skill-building, reflection and discernment for those who want to get involved in concrete change projects to build a sustainable future.

4 – 10 August 2010: Training by Initiatives of Change
These sessions will explore through various training modules the skills of leading and managing change in the world. There will also be lectures and discussion groups to provide participants with the opportunity to explore the values and life experiences that could help create a sustainable world. This session will use expertise developed in the successful Tools for Change workshops.

12 – 17 August 2010: Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy
The 2010 conference on Trust & Integrity in the Global Economy (TIGE) will explore ways to help create a just and equitable global economy. The conference will focus on the moral and philosophical base needed to underpin this change. It will also investigate where initiatives for an equitable economy are gathering momentum around the world and seek to support those who are working to create the shifts needed. Join a wide cross section of people who will gather at Caux to seek inspiration and breakthrough living and thinking in this exciting and urgent task. 

Conference Fees 
The amounts indicated below cover full board, accomodation in a single or double room in the conference centre, participation in plenary sessions, seminars and group discussions, conference registration and other conference services.
  • Per person per day: CHF 132.– (€ 83*)
    includes a voluntary contribution to the maintenance costs of the conference centre
  • Per person per day: CHF 92.– (€ 58*)  
  • without contribution to the maintenance costs of the centre
  • Young people (16 to 23 years), students: CHF 55.– (€ 34*)
  • Visitors (without accomodation and breakfast): per person per day: CHF 55.– (€ 34*); young people (16 to 23 years), students: CHF 40.– (€ 25*)
    Registrations will be processed from April 2010 onwards. Registrations can be done online or by mail, using the registration forms attached to the individual conference invitations (will be published by April 2010).

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