International Conference EastLink'10: The Way to Knowledge Economy

Interested applicants are invited to take part at the international conference “EastLink 2010: The Way to Knowledge Economy”, which will be held on 20-21 October, 2010 in Klaipeda, Lithuania. EastLink'10 is an international conference held to overlook cooperation and to present opportunities and possible partnership for the development of Knowledge Economy. We believe that this conference will enhance the science and business cooperation and form a creative approach for the development of Knowledge Economy in our countries. The Conference will bring together scientists, technology transfer professionals, policy makers and businesses to establish or reestablish the knowledge and technology based cooperation for a better science, a better business and a better future.

The concept of “EastLink'10: The way to knowledge economy” cooperation is based on EU Eastern partnership policy and the new Central Asian cooperation strategy. The main goal of “EastLink'10” is to recreate and create new links of science, research and business cooperation in post-Soviet geopolitical area with the aim to strengthen competitive positions in global economic area:
  • to rebuild science cooperation on the basis of previous mutual scientific projects;
  • to create new scientific projects based on market accessibility and commercialization;
  • to integrate science and research infrastructure;
  • to explore mechanisms for financing scientific projects and commercializing innovations.

Sharing of knowledge accelerates innovations for countries and regions
Euro-integration processes in the context of science and innovation development, have created two separate geographical areas:
  • new EU members that have an opportunity to act in mutual EU research area with the use of open markets
  • CIS and EU “Eastern Partnership” countries create more than 200 mln. consumer markets and have rich intellectual and natural resources, but limited access to the EU scientific and research structure.
The experience of the CEE countries in euro-integration processes and in EU scientific and research areas can create political, cultural, and social bridges between East and West scientific markets, thus help to expand and transfer technologies and avoid isolation of science/technology potential.

Building innovative capacity
The conference will focus on policies and programs on how to promote cross-border alliances, stimulate knowledge transfer to/from foreign markets, and attract skilled labor. We will also review how these challenges have and are currently being addressed in various countries. Examination of these issues are placed within a broader conceptual framework that stresses the importance of building strong endogenous innovative capacity as a pre-requisite for successful participation in global knowledge economy.

Breaching of barriers
However, whilst there are benefits to be had from participation in global knowledge exchange, there are also many barriers that e.g. public authorities can help address to ensure participation at an optimal level. These include lack of information about potential partners, language and cultural barriers, governmental regulations on labor mobility, costs and difficulties obtaining specialist finance, as well as lack of capacity to adopt new technologies because of weakness in areas such as skilled labor, entrepreneurial vitality and networks.


We kindly invite scientists, researchers, business leaders, policy makers and those who are interested in innovation development, projects and technologies. Join us to get the information, network with qualified people, gain new skills and access new resources for joint projects and ideas on Knowledge economy development!

Follow the instruction and fill in the online registration form, which takes only 5 minutes for entering the required data. After finishing the registration you will see the confirmation page of successful registration.

Conference fee is dependant on the registration date:
  • Early bird rate 80 EUR till 15th September
  • Regular rate 100 EUR from 16th September till 17th October
  • On-site rate 120 EUR 18th October 17:00 p.m. (Lithuanian time)

Conference fee includes:
  • Participation in the conference
  • Food and beverage during conference time
  • Social events – a joint dinner on Wednesday evening
  • A Package of all conference presentations
  • Hopefully nice weather and definitely good mood!
Post -Conference activities - Matchmaking Event and presentations of five Lithuanian Integrated Science, Studies and Business Centers; free of charge for registered conference members.

Regarding VISA issues - do not forget to refer to the EastLink conference, it might foster some procedures for getting a visa to Lithuania. For more help regarding visa, please contact conference team office as soon as possible.

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