Semester in Washington Politics

The George Washington University, a top university for politics and policy in the heart of Washington, DC, is now offering a unique opportunity for international undergraduate students to experience an up-close view of the nation's capital - how political decisions are made, how power is wielded, and how government is run. Through GW's Semester in Washington Politics program, students study with top practitioners, meet with key decision-makers and groups who shape U.S. policy, and learn by doing through professional internships in and around Washington. 

Semester In Washington Politics offers a full-time, 12-credit undergraduate certificate in applied politics. The certificate program coincides with SIWP's highly regarded flagship program. Designed to appeal to a wide range of students, the undergraduate certificate program offers international students a unique behind-the-scenes look at political systems in the United States. The certificate program consists of 12 credits (four 3-credit classes, or three 4-credit classes). Students participate in SIWP's two flagship courses (described below) and have time remaining for electives and unpaid credit-bearing internships. Students live and learn on campus, in the heart of the nation's capital. 

PMGT 101: Legislative and Electoral Processes explores how political decisions are made in the electoral and legislative arenas and how advocates can successfully influence those decisions as they seek to elect people to public office, move public opinion, or implement a legislative agenda.

PMGT 107: Practicum in Political Management offers a “current events” focus in which students work with a practicum leader drawn from Washington’s professional community as they develop strategic plans to accomplish a specific goal. This may take the form of electing a United States senator or seeking congressional passage of legislation.

PMGT 192: Tutorial in American Politics and Elections examines selected topics in applied politics in the context of the students' professional internship experiences and core coursework. Students meet weekly in seminar and online for directed discussion.

PMGT 187: Internship Credit
Students who wish to use the internship for credit enroll in this course.
The program is open to any undergraduate student who wishes to earn an undergraduate Certificate in Applied Politics from GW. In addition, international students who meet the minimum eligibility requirements listed in the next section are eligible to apply.

Prospective international students who wish to study under the F-1 or J-1 visa/immigration sponsorship of The George Washington University must register for and complete at least 12 credit hours. Prospective international students who are already in the U.S. in an immigration status that permits part-time study may, if they wish, participate in the SIWP flagship program earning fewer than 12 credit hours.

Admission decisions are returned soon after a receipt of application, but international students are strongly encouraged to apply early. 
  • Online admission application (including essay)
  • One academic letter of recommendation
  • Official transcripts of all university academic work
  • A current resume
In addition, international students must submit: 
  • TOEFL scores (recommended score of 600 or higher)
  • Visa Request and Financial Certificate
  • Bank letter (must be notarized)


The deadline to apply for the spring semester is November 15th.  The deadline to apply for the summer semester is March 15.  International applicants are encouraged to apply early.

The $45 application fee to the Semester in Washington-Politics program is waived for any applicant referred by an Education USA Advisers: