A World Without Walls 2010 - International Conference in Berlin

"A World Without Walls 2010" is an international conference on peacebuilding, reconciliation and globalization in an interdependent world being hosted by the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy that will explore the potential for cultural diplomacy and soft power in building peace and supporting reconciliation in different regions of the world. The Conference will take place in Berlin on 6-10 November 2010.

The program will consist of lectures and seminars held by leading figures from international politics, academia, international development, and civil society, as well as debates and panel discussions. In addition to attending the academic components, participants will have the opportunity to experience Berlin’s rich cultural landscape and network with each other through a series of cultural and social events. The event is scheduled parallel to the historic international celebrations taking place in Berlin on November 9th, commemorating 21 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Participants will have the unique opportunity to celebrate the 21st Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall on the streets of Berlin.

There is a general consensus that the process of globalization is creating a world in which individual nation states are increasingly interdependent. National approaches to issues including crime, healthcare, immigration, tourism, trade and investment, and climate change are therefore increasingly dependent on the policies and approaches of neighboring states and international partners. Despite this growing interdependence, there remain a large number of conflicts across the world with deep-rooted historical experiences, from political conflict at the international level to violent conflict at the sub-national level. The de-escalation of these conflicts requires creative thinking and new approaches that take into account both the history of the division and the evolving global context within which it is set.

“A World Without Walls 2010” will consider new approaches to peacebuilding and reconciliation that have emerged over the preceding decade, focusing in particular on the use of soft power and cultural diplomacy. The program will then move to consider lessons learned from individual case studies, looking in detail at the examples such as Northern Ireland and Rwanda. During the final part of the conference, contemporary examples of conflict from different regions of the world will be considered and the potential for cultural diplomacy and soft power to play a role in their de-escalation will be discussed.

The Conference is open to academics, diplomatic and political representatives, civil society practitioners, journalists, young professionals and students and other individuals with an interest in international relations, cultural studies, and global politics.

Participation Cost
The participation cost for the "A World Without Walls 2010" is €195, which should be transferred by individuals after they have been accepted.

As a not-for-profit organization the ICD is able to book accommodation for your time in Berlin at preferred rates. For example, we are able to book accommodation for participants in the hotel "Motel One" on the Berlin Ku'Damm, a short distance from the ICD conference facilities.

The ICD is able to book this accommodation for the following preferred rates:

1. Single Room: 59 Euros per night, including breakfast.
2. Double Room (to be shared with another participant): 37 Euros per night, including breakfast. 

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