European Forum of Students for Legality

FLARE – Freedom, Legality and Rights in Europe –  would like to present to you its following international event: European Forum of Students for Legality, that will take place in the European Capital of Youth – Turin, Italy from the 5 to 7 of December 2010.

After the end of the event, participants will have the opportunity to join a bigger FLARE event on the topic of globalisation and the struggle against organised crime in Europe in the ‘capital of the EU’, Brussels, Belgium on 9 and 10 of December 2010. The forum is promoted by FLARE Network and coordinated together with the students’ organizations at the University of Turin UniLIbera and Studenti Indipendenti.

The goal of the forum is to provide space for sharing knowledge and experiences between 30 students from different European countries who have been involved in student movements and initiatives which voiced the students needs for freedom of expression, students rights and equality, anti-corruption in the higher education system etc.

Based on the shared knowledge the participants of the forum should come up with their own Student Declaration for Legality which should be used as a international tool for advocacy for students rights and freedoms trough out Europe. This document will be drafted by the students and distributed by them to their colleagues and student organizations at their Universities.

After the realisation of the declaration, participants will travel to Brussels (Dec 8 ) to attend a conference on the topic of globalization and struggle against organised crime on 9 and 10 of December where they will have the chance to visit the European Parliament, and present their work and product to a bigger international community.

Undergraduate and post graduate (current or recent) students coming from European countries (EU and non-EU). Experience and engagement with student movements and student organizations is a plus.

Board and lodging as well as local transport to facilities will be fully covered by the organizer. Trip from Turin to Brussels and back is also covered by the organizer. Participants shall receive 70% reimbursement from the travel expenses not exceeding 350 eur.

Fill in the application form available here, and sent it to the following e-mail adress, before 11 November 2010: