International Summer School "US Europe – Towards a Multicultural Continent"

University of Graz, in cooperation with the Commission of the European Bishops' Conferences of the European Community (COMECE) and the Diocese Graz-Seckau invite you to participate at the International Summer School "US Europe – Towards a Multicultural Continent" that will take place in Seggau, Austria, on July 2-16, 2011.

Our Summer School is designed for highly motivated students, who wish to discuss and deepen their understanding of current European affairs by focusing on European identity, on the EU on its way towards a possible United States of Europe, and Europe’s position as part of a global system.

Aims and Objectives

Interdisciplinary meeting and cooperation of teachers and students, focussing on East- and South-Eastern Europe and dealing with the cultural, intellectual and historical dimensions of current European affairs in view of Europe’s positioning in a globalized world. Developing and educating young leaders of tomorrow from the fields of politics, administration, business, science and religion.

5 good reasons to apply:
  • 2-week summer University with a campus atmosphere for 80 students and 15 teachers
  • 6 ECTS transfer (for participation and seminar paper)
  • 2 lecture series, 6 parallel seminar modules: Law & Politics, Economy & Innovation, Society & Culture, History & Power, Ethics & Religion, Media & Communication
  •  Discussions with international lectureres and guests
  • All-inclusive-package (tuition fee, meals, accommodation, excursion to Graz).


The Summer School is designed for advanced students in their second term, students with a Bachelor degree or students working on their final thesis. Students from all faculties are welcome to apply. Students in their first or second semester are welcome to apply for the Summer School. All places not taken by advanced students will be given to undergraduate students. Students have to document that in July 2010 they are enrolled (or somehow are going to be enrolled) at a university. If that is not possible for you, you can send an application form anyway and try to explain your special circumstances.

Academic Program

* Seminar Moudle 1 - Law and Politics
* Seminar Moudle 2 - Economy and Innovation
* Seminar Moudle 3 - History and Power
* Seminar Moudle 4 - Society and Culture
* Seminar Moudle 5 - Ethics and Religion
* Seminar Module 6 - Media and Communication

Participants will receive a certificate of participation at the end of the summer school. Furthermore, it is possible for participants to gain 6 ECTS credits points in this summer school project. To obtain these credits, students have to participate in the full program AND write a seminar paper. This paper has to be written for one of the lecturers of the afternoon seminars.

Costs, Funding and Scholarships

The International Summer School Seggau is funded through grants given by sponsors and donators from all over Europe. For that reason it is possible to reduce the tuition fee for students to the small amount of Euro 450.- (reduced fee Euro 300.-) which would never cover the actual costs (€ 1.300) of the project. Travel arrangements have to be made and paid for individually. Please keep in mind that in case of internet banking there may be bank service charges!

Scholarships are available and will be awarded upon nomination for the program. When being nominated, students from the South-East Europe region pay € 300 every other student pays € 450 for the whole program.

Thus, if a student is accepted for the summer school, s/he pays:
€ 300 (for students from Eastern or South-Eastern Europe)
€ 450 (all other students)

Students coming from the following countries will only have to pay tuition fee of € 300: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Republic of Macedonia, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine.

Note: Students have to pay for their travel costs and organize their trips themselves!

Application process

Please include the following documents in your application:
* application form with passport size photograph
* curriculum vitae (CV)
* one short essay regarding your motivation (written by yourself)
* 2 letters of recommendation (written and signed by two different university teachers)
* copies of certificates/diplomas or at least an academic transcript (ONLY from the University!)
* proof of enrollment at your home university
* copy of relevant pages from passport (page with data and picture, and page with visa if necessary)

The application form also includes further details and instructions. Application form will be available starting from December!


Applications have to be received by March 20th 2011. Make sure your application arrives by post in time at our office. Applications received after this deadline will not be accepted!

More information can be found here.