PhD Scholarships 2011 in Business, Economics, Finance, and Statistics at Bocconi University

Università Commerciale “Luigi Bocconi” PhD School introduces the XXVII Cycle of the PhD programs for the 2011-2012 academic year. A public competition is held for the admission to the following full time PhD programs:
  • Business Administration and Management
  • Economics and Finance
  • Statistics
Courses and seminars are held in English. The course coordinator may allow the students to do part of their research abroad and serve as interns in public and private institutions.

The subjects, duration, minimum number of places and fellowships for each PhD program are listed below:

  • subjects: SECS-P/06 (Applied Economics) – SECS-P/07 (Business Administration) – SECS-P/08 (General Management) – SECS-P/10 (Business Organization)
  • duration: 4 years
  • places: minimum 7
  • fellowships: minimum 7
  • subjects: SECS-P/01 (Political Economy) – SECS-P/03 (Public Policy) – SECS-P/05 (Econometrics) – SECS-S/06 (Mathematics for Economics, Actuarial Studies and Finance) – SECS-P/09 (Financial Management) – SECS-P/11 (Economics of Financial Intermediaries) – SECS-P/12 (Economic History)
  • duration: 4 years
  • places: minimum 10
  • fellowships: minimum 10
  • subjects: SECS/S01 (Statistics) – SECS/S04 (Demographics) SECS-S/06 (Mathematics for Economics, Actuarial Studies and Finance)
  • duration: 4 years
  • places: minimum 3
  • fellowships: minimum 3
A maximum of 9 places and 9 fellowships may also be made available for the most deserving applicants of the three PhD programs. Said places and fellowships will be assigned, according to merit, by a Board composed of a representative for each of the three programs and the Dean of the PhD School.

Applications can be submitted by Italian and non-Italian citizens who:
  • have completed or are completing their graduate studies and
  • have at least a B2 (CEFR) level of competence in English
Graduate qualifications admitted:
  • Italian degrees: two-year or four-year graduate degrees;
  • non-Italian degrees of Italian equivalent standard, recognised as such by the PhD Faculty Board.
Prospective students who have not achieved a degree by the application deadline are also allowed to apply, in which case a conditional offer will be made, and they will have to submit the required certificate by 30th September 2011, or enrolment will not be allowed.

  • Application closing date: 15th February 2011
  • Notification of admission: by 31st March 2011
  • Enrolment of admitted applicants: by 21st April 2011
  • Enrolment of replacement applicants: Within 10 days from replacement communication date
Online applications must be submitted in English by accessing this link: In order to complete their application prospective students will have to:
  • register in order to obtain Personal ID and Password;
  • enter the required information in the spaces provided;
  • upload some documents;
  • send some documents by post.
Prospective students are responsible for the information they will upload and for the validity of the certificates they will submit. The University has the right to verify the information and the validity of the documents provided and exclude the students at any time, also after completion of the enrolment procedure.

The online application procedure is available from 15th October 2010. The application closing date is 15 February 2011. This deadline is not negotiable.

Prospective students are allowed to apply for more than one PhD program. Should they apply for more than one program, they will have to use separate procedures, both on line and by post.

Admisson to the programs is decided by the Admission Board, who will evaluate the suitability of applicants. The members of the Board will be appointed in conformity to the University rules and regulations.
The assessment is based on:
  • English language competence (pre-requisite)
  • curriculum vitae
  • academic records
  • international graduate admission tests scores (GMAT/ GRE)
  • statement of purpose
  • reference letters
  • others (e.g. publications)
The assessment criteria are the following:
  • 40 points for applicant’s curriculum vitae and academic records;
  • 30 points for GMAT/GRE;
  • 20 points for statement of purpose and reference letters;
  • 10 points for other submitted documents (e.g. publications).
Minimum total points for admission to all PhD programs: 50 points.

See this link for detailed instructions.