5 Future Issues To Consider Before Coming To Australia To Study

If you are planning to study abroad in Australia, there are a number of issues that you need to think about before you go. Some of these issues may be very personal and more than just your ability to learn English. Living away from home can be a trying time and if you are going to study for a number of years, there are quite a few issues to think about.

·    Your future career. When most people think of studying overseas, they think of the period of the study. You might find that your study is best suited for your future career in that country. If you have spent 5 years studying and networking in advertising and marketing courses in Australia you will probably need to think to stay in Australia after your studies are complete to get the most out of them in terms of your career.

·    Making friends and your future. When we spend time overseas we think of all of the advantages of that, and often neglect to think about what we are giving up. If you spend a number of years overseas you must remember that is time that will not be spent at home. Friendships that were once important may fade and you will find yourself in a different situation when you come home. The way you think about things, and what is important, may not be what they once used to be.

·    Working. Getting work and work experience are essential to any study, and you must remember that you are limited on the amount you can do. Visa restrictions can have an impact on what you are able to do, and knowing how to get the most out of your situation is important. Being prepared for the cost of a number of years and knowing that the working environment is very competitive. Having to do work that you would not normally do may be highly likely.

·    Feeling alone. Finding yourself very different from those around you can hit very hard. Taking steps to find others from where you are from, and yet still letting yourself mix with the local culture is very important. Even in the best of situations, being in another culture for long periods of time can be emotionally taxing. Choosing to stick close to others of your own nationality and not mixing with others will defeat the purpose of your study adventure.

·     Customs. This is an issue that many overseas students neglect and it is important to make sure you understand what you can bring into Australia. Many overseas students find themselves in big trouble because they bring in items that are prohibited in Australia. Australia has very strict laws because of the island nature of the country and you can find yourself in serious hot water over items that you thought were harmless and are quite legal in your home country. 

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