How to Write a Successful Scholarship Essay

What makes you so special? Competition can be fierce these days for finding financial assistance for your education. Everyone has characteristics and experiences that make them unique. In order to win a scholarship, you must not only learn to recognize these differences in yourself, but be proud of them.

Here are some tips for writing a successful scholarship essay:

1. Know the topic. Many scholarship applications require that the essay portion answer a specific question. Stick to the topic throughout the entire essay.

2. Organize yourself. The best way to present and prove your point is by writing a clear and concise argument.

3. Know your audience. If you are applying for a scholarship with the Coca-Cola company, don't write an entire essay about how much you love to drink Pepsi. Go to the website of the scholarship and read their mission statement and goals. This will give you a guide to know what kind of emphasis to put on your essay.

4. Start Strong. There are several methods you can use to capture your audience's interest from the very beginning. You may try starting your essay with a question, an interesting fact, a short and shocking statement, or a short personal narrative.

5. Make your writing interesting. Don't be afraid to let your personality show through in the kinds of words you choose to use. Although, be cautious and don't make your writing too informal or full of slang.

6. Be honest. You don't need to make up facts about yourself to sound interesting. Your unique perspective is what makes you interesting. Those reading your essay can tell when you are being sincere.

7. Check your grammar and spelling. This step is extremely important! Proper grammar and spelling will show that you are serious about your education and won' waste the money they are hopefully about to give you. Ask family, friends, or teachers to read over your essay and double check for any errors.

This is just a quick summary of things to keep in mind when writing a scholarship essay. But most importantly, have confidence in yourself. Work on writing so that the real you can shine through.

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